Other services

JACQUET offers additional services for the production of your pieces : polishing, rolling, welding, bending, etc.

Contact us for any specific request.

On request, our products are supplied with a 3.1 certificate and transfer marking.


We have a lot of experience with polising and can polising 1 or 2 sides to the desired value.


Our experienced benders can set up to 8000mm on our new bending machine.


Additional services that JACQUET offers include packaging for transport, which can be for transport by truck, but also for sea freight and air freight. We also offer urgent deliveries.

Additional controls

Destructive or non-destructive tests can be carried out on request: eg: US-test, Impact-Test, Corrosion-Test. And any other tests on request.


This process consists of obtaining a certain angle on the edge of a plate. Chamfering can be carried out by waterjet or by mechanical machining

Local additional services

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